Watch “Jesus vs Muhammad? (Peace Be Upon Them) David Wood Exposed. Acts 17 Apologetics.” on YouTube

Dead Wood, the chief clown of Christian apologetics, is really desperate! This video is brought to you by the "Halal Homer" channel. Subscribe to the brother's channel and show him your support!

New Video – “Islam Critiqued” Refuted – How old was Rebekah?

As-salaam alaikum! The last video of the series attempts to answer the important question: how old was Rebekah? What follows is a linguistic analysis of key Hebrew words using lexicons and commentaries, as well as historical evidence of Mesopotamian culture. The evidence, when taken together, shows that Rebekah was not a 3-year old at the …

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Watch “11 Differences in 1 page of Quran (Response to David Wood)” on YouTube

Farid educates Dead Wood and the pseudoscholar Dan Brubaker on the preservation of the Quran. Christians, give it up. This stuff is way above your low intellect level. 😂

New Video: “Islam Critiqued Refuted on the Age of Mary, Part 2

In this video, I present additional scholarly evidence for Mary and Joseph's ages, including some tantalizing possibilities from the Gospels themselves. This is in addition to the overwhelming evidence already provided in previous videos on the age of marriage in Jewish custom at that time (12 years for girls).