Hadith Database – Problematic Ahadith and Their Explanation

***This page is a work in progress. As the ahadith are very commonly used by non-Muslim apologists and hadith rejectors against Muslims, it is important to analyze their claims and respond with reasonable arguments. As the database grows, ahadith will be separated into categories (i.e., “Science”, “War/Violence”, etc.). Readers are encouraged to submit questions and answers to common arguments raised by the apologists.***


Muhammad (peace be upon him)



Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Hadith of Aisha on Allah Fulfilling the Desires of Prophet Muhammad

Hadith on the Funeral of the Prophet Muhammad’s Daughter

Hadith on the Prophet’s Urine

Hadith on the Prophet Putting His Tongue in Hasan’s Mouth

Hadith on Some People of the Children of Israel Being Transformed into Rats and Lizards


Hadith on ‘Ajwa Dates and Protection Against Magic and Poison


Hadith on Prophet Muhammad Cancelling the Manumission of Slaves

7 thoughts on “Hadith Database – Problematic Ahadith and Their Explanation

  1. stewjo004

    Okay here is the ahadith:
    It was narrated that ‘Abdullah said:
    “It is as if I can see the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), telling us the story of one of the Prophets: ‘His people beat him, and he was wiping the blood from his face and saying: “O Lord forgive my people, for they do not know.’”
    The Bible has a similar verse in Luke:
    Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”
    So first I checked to see if the Christians just applied it to Isa(as) and another Prophet said itbut it doesn’t appear so.


  2. I have added the first hadith and its explanation. This hadith is very popular among the anti-Islamic apologists, but many Muslims are also at fault for spreading this misunderstanding of a weak hadith.


  3. I decided to change the format somewhat. Instead of putting every hadith together in one list, I will publish them separately and then just leave a link on this page.

    That being said, the next publication is done. This one is about the idiotic controversy created by over-imaginative (and possibly sexually-frustrated) trolls on the Prophet putting his tongue in Hasan’s mouth.


  4. mr.heathcliff

    salaam bro
    is it a good idea to do a quran database and list each verse which is attacked my the non-muslims?

    something like this

    Surah 16 Error Regarding the Bees?
    Surah 2, Verse 223

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    1. Hey Heath, do you know if Bart Ehrman ever talked about marriage in the time of Jesus on his blog? I’m specifically looking for any discussion of the marriageable age. I already know it was 12 but I just want to know if Ehrman ever talked about it.


  5. Was checking out the blog Vaqas sent some days ago, and found an article using this hadith as argument…


    Narrated Ibrahim: The companions of ‘Abdullah (bin Mas’ud) came to Abu Darda’, (and before they arrived at his home), he looked for them and found them. Then he asked them: ‘Who among you can recite (Qur’an) as ‘Abdullah recites it?” They replied, “All of us.” He asked, “Who among you knows it by heart?” They pointed at ‘Alqama. Then he asked Alqama. “How did you hear ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud reciting Surat Al-Lail (The Night)?” Alqama recited: ‘By the male and the female.’ Abu Ad-Darda said, “I testify that I heard the Prophet reciting it likewise, but these people want me to recite it:– ‘And by Him Who created male and female.’ but by Allah, I will not follow them.”
    Bukhari 4944

    Barely any website addresses this issue except that of brother Zawadi


    Man talking about hadiths i really miss the days of Multaqa ahl hadith, this forum was the best for analyzing hadiths and clearing matters…it’s now gone, thousands of precious research simply vanished…i wonder which genius had the idea of closing it, now i’ll have to beg people to help whenever i have to clear out issues pertaining to the hadiths, the only person who stayed patient with me back then was Farid, now he’s famous most probably my dms will go unnoticed…his ex colleagues and islamqa are the only option left, that’s why learning Arabic is important for all of us…but we can still work on making another forum can’t we, where people could come asking questions specifically for obscure matters such as these but the question is who’s ready to help…either way we have islamqa which is better than nothing

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